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Winter Steelhead, Spring Chinook and Westport Salmon

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Howie's 17# Hen

TJ’s 24# Buck
Very good week for steelhead fishing once the rivers dropped back into shape.  Lots of action on the Olympic Peninsula and it is just starting.  Shaping up to be an excellent return of wild fish and well worth the trip out here to catch them.  Had several large fish in the high teens and two well over 20 pounds.  Howie from Shelton mastered the large fish this weekend with 5 fish ranging from 14 to 25 pounds.  Quite a feat.  He almost had to call in relief on the last one yesterday as his arm strated aching.
Then there was TJ the fishing machine.  Hundreds of steelhead have fell to this guy but this was his first big one on these majestic rivers.  A beautiful 24 pound buck on a cold crisp day was the ticket for him.  We talked him to buying everyone dinner.  Thanks for your generosity TJ.  It is appreciated!
Spring Chinook fishing is just around the corner and all indications are it will be a great season.  Right now the lower Columbia season is March 1 through April 6. We are hoping that there will be enough quota for an extension into mid April when fishing is best.
Please don’t forget our summer salmon season. After an awsome king season last year I think it is going to be as good or better.  I am already filling up for the season so don’t wait around to book a trip.
Please check out our Weekly River Steelhead photos from our gallery.

Olympic Peninsula Fishing “Reel Winterlike”

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


Bill Boehm

Winter Steelhead Fishing is going great on the Olympic Peninsula.  Very cold conditions out there but have created some breathtaking scenery.   Looking forward to some warmer weather. 

Don’t forget La Push for bottomfish and Umatilla kings is just around the corner!  Also can’t wait for Westport.  Kings fishing should be awsome again this year.  
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