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Olympic Peninsula Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Ty Davidson's 15# Snider Creek Steelhead


Steelhead fishing continues to be good on the Olympic Peninsula.  Here are a couple of nice Snider Creek Broodstock fish from the Sol Duc the last few days. I have never seen better fisherman than these two guys.  After losing their first five fish of the day in about a 3o minute span first thing in the morning they redeamed themselves quite well by landing several in a row.  Nice job guys! 

Come over with us and go fishing. 

TJ's Big Buck - How Big is it?

Tj's Big Buck - How big is it?

Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Fishing Report and 2011 Halibut and Lingcod

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Go Lingcod Fishing!

Mark Faile with his 16# Hatchery Steelhead

Fishing has been great on the Peninsula this year to date.  Looking forward to the return of the emerald green waters after this bout of rain that has soaked these beautiful watersheds.  Lots of high water means there will be fresh fish in the river and maybe some new water to fish.   It is always an experience drifting these rivers after an extremely high water.   I’d like to see a few more of these specimans in the fish box.  This picture was from a cell phone as I forgot the camera that day, but the fish is really is a nice one!

Dead ahead is halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish fishing.  Many people don’t realize that fishing for rockfish and lingcod begins in late March.  If the weather cooperates, you can easily get your limits of rockfish and large lingcod out of La Push near Forks.  If you were ever interested in doing this type of fishing, now is the time to do it.   Get on our good weather call list and take advantage of a calm sea day in April or May and go home with a cooler full of fresh fish.   We fish lingcod and rockfish on light G-Loomis fishing rods so you have a fun time while getting your cooler full.  Come join us!

Looking forward to our 2011 ocean salmon season, well after last years king fishery I can’t hardly stand the wait even though the ocean has looked like a dishwasher lately.  Preliminary projections are for another great king season and many more coho. This is a truely popular fishery and Washington West Fishing offers one of the only small charters for 6 or less people on the whole coast.  So get your group together and get a day to head out on the ocean!