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Ocean King Salmon Report

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Mike Tucker with a magnificent Wesport king

Been an unbelievable year with limits every day on kings. Fish are now moving down the coast into Willapa and the Columbia River. We have been fishing westport down to south of Willapa and been doing very well. Not many silvers this year.

Starting this week we will be moving down to fish the lower Columbia on the good tides coming up then back to the ocean for salmon and tuna at the end of the month.

Ryan Orr "My Son" gets in on the action

Got my son in on the action. Love those days when you can get the kids out when its flat and calm.

Bill Boehm's First Tuna Run

Tuna – finally made the first tuna run this year travelling 40 miles and landing 20 tuna. Magnificent scenery seeing thousands white sided pacific dolphins play around the boat, blue and thesher sharks and seabirds. Great time so join us some time.