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Washington Fishing Report

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Ocean Halibut and Lingcod

Jim Schock and Ty Kadoun with 35 pound Lingcod

May 13 and 15 Sean Orr traveled to La Push near Forks, Washington for world Class Halibut and Lingcod Fishing. Weather and fishing was great. On both days, 6 anglers limited with6 halibut and 12 lincod. Halibut ranged from 25 to 40 pounds and linggod were 15 to 35 pounds. Some of the best lingcod fishing of all time. Storms will keep us off the water this week but hope to return for 2 more great trips on June 3 and 5. Please join Washington West Fishing Adventures for some great fishing this summer. See our picture gallery for all the great photos from this years ocean halibut and lingcod fishing.

Spring Salmon and Summer Steelhead Report

Axel Baehren with Summer Steelhead

Spring Salmon and Summer Steelhead are now showing. Axel Baehren from Texas traveled to Washington and caught his first summer run steelhead. We are now fishing the Lewis and Cowlitz Rivers for Spring Salmon and Summer Steelhead. It should be a great summer so keep in touch.